New Normals of Travel

Travelling in our own backyard

Rediscover your home.

Travelling in our own backyard

Lockdown measures around the world have brought travelling to a near standstill. No one knows for certain when will it restart again, but one thing is for sure: travelling will never be the same again. By the time the lockdown is over, or when restrictions are lifted, travellers may venture out somewhere closer to home. Instead of flying, road trips and local tours will be more common.


“Staycations” are vacations not too far from home. Hospitality businesses in Hong Kong are switching their focuses to target local customers. With summer deals and packages, local travellers may enjoy a luxurious weekend getaway with gourmet dining options, spacious designer rooms and a sweeping city view. Alternatively, if you are looking for a more natural experience, Hong Kong is also home to chicest airbnbs and “glamping” sites. Stargazing away from city lights will make you feel worlds away without having to hop on a plane.


The Great Outdoors

Hong Kong is known for its hilly to mountainous landscape, there is certainly no shortage of trails to explore. From beginner-friendly walks to well-trodden favourites and steep climbs, they all offer stunning and breath-taking views of the beautiful city. Some even offer a glimpse of history and heritage as well as a dose of adventure. If you are itching to catch a breath of fresh air after months of quarantine, take a ferry ride to outlying islands for leisurely island walk or an authentic seafood meal.

While we are indulging ourselves in luxurious relaxation, we should not be less alert towards epidemic preventions. Hong Kong has recently tightened its safety measures as third wave hits with a record high of untraceable infections, indicating there are invisible spread in the community. Experts say that the relaxed public’s attitude has jolted the outbreak. That should not be the case of how we face this pandemic. Even when there are sporadic local cases, or when social distancing measures are eased again, we should always be alert of possible risks. Be mindful of social distancing, and put our health and safety as priorities in travelling, even if it is in our own backyard.

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