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Contactless Travel Experience

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In the wake of covid-19, technologies have been instrumental to building a higher standard for safety and hygiene. Sure, our moms have always go on about washing our hands from time to time, but now that we are living in a global pandemic, we are wary about touching random surfaces. Hence, contactless travel plays a vital role in ensuring our safety and hygiene. It is important to regain peace of mind during travel through leveraging digital technologies.

Contactless Payment Experience

More and more companies are now offering automated fare collection methods. Passengers can make payments with their bank cards or digital wallets instead of paying cash at a ticket counter. These payments include public transportation, parking, and renting vehicles. With the hold of a mobile phone, we will be able to receive discounts, records and traffic information. Transport companies can also enforce social distancing by facilitating the flow of people, and managing capacity in real time. Contactless payments are also expanded to hotels and restaurants, from table reservations to digital keys, enabling a safe and comfortable stay for guests.

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“Touch-free” Airports Experience

Travellers are now able to board planes after minimal physical contact with screens or airline employees. They will be able to check-in through online apps ahead of time. Airports around the world are introducing contactless technologies as primary options. Rather than fingerprint scanning, they are launching facial and iris recognition to identify passengers. More self check-in kiosks and baggage drop off machines are also becoming available. Hong
Kong International Airport is even using sterilisation robots to kill virus.

As we begin to see a massive shift to contactless technologies, we truly hope this could instil confidence in travellers. This however, has touched upon the underlying issue of technological unemployment. Just like how phones are starting to replace wallets, artificial intelligence may be replacing employees soon, and covid-19 is only accelerating this transition.

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