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3 Best Destinations for Couples in 2021

If taking a trip somewhere exotic with your partner sound like the perfect break from your work from home life, you better start planning for 2021. Here are three destinations for couples who enjoy different types of romance: 1. For Romantics — Paris Nothing beats the essence of Paris aka “the city of love” whenContinue Reading

Phrases and Questions to master before your next trip

There is nothing quite like the excitement of planning a vacation overseas, but we mayoverlook little things that could make a difference, such as like learning the local language. Learning how to communicate with locals could open up to new opportunities or experiences, and go a long way to making your next trip much moreContinue Reading

Unexpected Travel Expenses and Ways to Avoid Them

When we travel, most of us plan our budgets keeping in mind with big expenses like airfare, accommodation and food. However, no matter how well we plan our trips, there seem to always be some unknown expenses. To prevent us from wiping our wallets clean in our future trips, here are some common hidden expensesContinue Reading


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