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3 Ways to Fuel your Wanderlust from Home

How to deal with travel nostalgia

Hey there fellow travellers! If you got itchy feet like we do, you will probably be longing for your next vacation. We may be stuck at home practicing social distancing, but that does not keep us from exploring
the world, and having a mental vacation from the comfort of our bedrooms. Here are a few ways you can fuel up your wanderlust without stepping foot outdoors:

Revisit Travel Memories

The safest place to visit right now is your travel archives. That’s right, it is time for a stroll down memory lane and to re-live your favourite travel moments. You may be surprised how quickly we forget how some memories and how they made us feel. Right now would be a good time to organise old photos and travel journals that are just lying around. Or you could pick out some of your favourite photos to create a scrapbook, that would definitely keep your wanderlust alive, and perhaps give you an idea where you want to travel next!

reviewing travel memories

Cook an International dish

Do not be afraid to try something new even if you are not an excellent cook. Cooking an international dish reminds me of my travel, my favourite would be chicken quesadillas and guacamole, they help me revisit my recent trip to Mexico. With a lot of spare time, travel around the world without leaving your kitchen and make your own version of an international dish.

cooking international dishes

Learn a foreign language

What a better skill to learn than a foreign language? As a traveller, we know it is much easier to engage in conversations with locals. Knowing just a few phrases enrich your travel experiences and make your trips more meaningful, even the locals treat you differently, too. Even though it is easier said than done, you have plenty of time anyways. So no more excuses, time to take that online course and read that book.

learning new languages

Eventually, countries will reopen and we will be able to travel again. But in the meantime, it is important that we keep our wanderlust satisfied with creative and constructive ways.

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