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4 Fun things to do when you travel with friends

A journey well shared

You know what they say: friends that travel together, stay together. Cliché, but true. Travelling is one of the best ways to strengthen friendships. Someday when you are old and wrinkly, you will sit in your arm chair and reminisce about those hilarious trips and fun adventures you used to take with your friends. You will be grateful that you have lived those days to the fullest.

1. Carpool Karaoke

Road trips are awesome, except for the driver. Driving down along the dusty roads may sound fun for the first hour, but once you hit sleepy town, it will be a struggle to stay awake. Which is why carpool karaoke is the perfect solution. Blasting the speaker and singing at the top of your lungs will definitely keep you wide awake and hyped for the entire trip. Music has the power to bring people together, it does not matter if you are just finger tapping, humming without knowing the lyrics or harmonising. The best road trips are those where you live at the moment with your friends.

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singing on top of the car

2. Dare or Dare

While travelling may be one of the ways to step out of your comfort zone, some demand more challenges. Try to dare each other to do things you would never do. Maybe it is talking to strangers, or busking on the streets. Maybe it is bungee jumping or skydiving, or trying exotic food. My advice is to be spontaneous. Try new things and say “yes” the next time your friend dares you. While it is fun to spice up your travel, it is also important to bear in mind that we should be respectful to other cultures and norms, and not to get overboard.

dare to adventure

3. Take Videos

Do not worry if you don’t have a GoPro or a drone, you can make good use of your phone. iPhones have pretty impressive features from time-lapse to slow motion, as well as a range of editing tools to trim, crop and merge. It would be fun if you film slow motion of you and your friends running up from the beach, jumping into mid air, or doing cartwheels; or set up a time-lapse while you enjoy the aesthetic sunset sceneries. Who knows? Maybe you will capture hilarious moments that you can laugh about twenty years later.

enjoy the sunset view and take videos

4. Play mini games

When you and your friends are waiting for the train, or feeling bored when you are walking on the streets, you could turn to some mini games. It could be “I spy”, “name that song”, “never have I ever”, or the “license plate game”. I
personally recommend the Japanese word game “shiritori”. Now I am not asking you to learn Japanese, it is a game which the players are require to come up with a word that begins with the final letter of the previous word. These mini games are fun and easy to play, and best of all, they do not require any physical items so you can play them anytime, anywhere.

playing tent games

Last but not least, I hope travelling and doing these fun things with your friends would bring you closer together and that you will savour every lost in the woods or laugh-out-loud moment with them.

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