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iDendron Incubation Programme | Meet Our Incubatees!

How iDendron Incubation Programme (iIP) help incubatees on the growth of their startups.

HKU iDendron SEED Programme 香港大學SEED啟動計劃 – Meet Our Awardees


Meet HKU iDendron Cohort 3 Incubatees

HKU iDendron have incubated over 30 HKU startups and witnessed their growth in the past 2 years since 2021.

Dialogue with iDendron Incubatees

What do you think about the Incubation Programme?
How has been your experience in working with your mentor(s)?
What is your biggest takeaway from the Incubation Programme?
Would you recommend the Programme to other HKU founders?
What is your favourite part of the Incubation Programme?
Dialogue with iDendron incubatees | 2-min highlight