About Us


Who we are


To foster a sustainable ecosystem in the world of travel planning.


We use technology and design to connect Free Independent Travellers (FITs) through authentic insights, making travel planning a more pleasant and better experience.


We come together to make extraordinary products with technology that people will love & value.

We believe there is always room to do more and better.

We keep going forward and solving problems along the journey.

Core Values

One plue one is greater than two

At Glide, teamwork is our source of strength. Team synergy empowers every team member to contribute and build the foundation of our collective & continuous success.

Don’t doubt when in doubt

Communication is key. We encourage honest inquiries and conversations across team members at any levels, getting things clear and keeping everyone in the loop are important steps to move forward as a team.

Close enough is not good enough

An always-learning attitude fuels our growth on both personal and team levels. We constantly strive for better excellence in product and value deliveries.

Redefined Travel Planning

Glide 是一個去旅行必備的應用工具,讓你探索、規劃、分享旅遊行程資訊,變得前所未有的簡單。

輕鬆規劃行程 – 3個簡單步驟!

1. 尋找靈感


2. 創建規劃


3. 分享回憶



參加不同國家主題#香港好去處#尋找旅行感 系列 的本地工作坊



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